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OpenIQE have teamed up with ESTnet and five of Wales’ research-intensive universities to deliver a unique event to enhance collaboration and innovation in Wales.

The five universities - Aberystwyth, Bangor, Cardiff, Swansea and the University of South Wales - are partners in the HEFCW-funded Intellectual Property Collaboration Project (IPCoP). Led by Cardiff University, the project aims to enhance the commercialisation of academic research. It brings together a network of Technology Transfer Officers, with outstanding knowledge of each institution’s research base and IP pipelines, to deliver value and a one-stop destination for investors and companies seeking commercial applications and a gateway to 95% of research in Wales.

Universities have a significant role to play in delivering new technologies and products. However, a strategic alignment between universities, industry and funding streams is fundamental in driving successful innovation forward.

The event will bring together scientists, engineers, visionary thinkers, technology leaders and decision-makers from academia and industry to explore challenges and opportunities in the three priority areas of Healthcare & Bioscience; Energy; Food Supply & Agriculture through a highly interactive and engaging event.

We are working with experts to identify opportunities that are aligned with the Innovate UK Delivery Plan in these key areas. We will share these opportunities with you on the day for you to explore them with like-minded individuals and help you to put together exciting projects that you can take forward.

Come along to:

  • Discover new opportunities in priority areas of Healthcare & Bioscience, Energy, Food Supply & Agriculture
  • Hear about potential funding streams within Innovate UK and the Welsh Government
  • Network with other innovators, engineers, technology leaders and decision-makers from academia and industry
  • Develop exciting projects with like-minded innovators
  • Find out how open innovation could help you to drive your organisation forward
  • Learn techniques to frame ideas quickly and effectively
  • Be part of a new network of collaborators

Outline Agenda:






Welcome and   introductions



Outline of   potential funding streams
Innovate UK
  Welsh Government



Sector   overviews
Healthcare   & Bioscience
  Food Supply & Agriculture



Coffee   break



Deep dive   session
Identify   and explore challenges and opportunities



Meet the   challenges
Hear   exciting opportunities in the focus sectors, aligned to the Innovate UK   Delivery Plan



Lunch &   networking



Idea   down-selection & team forming



Collaborate   to Innovate!
Fine tuning   of opportunities and ideas



Final   pitches



Awards   & next steps



Event Close


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