Collaborative Innovation Camp


On Wednesday 4th June we’re holding our first OpenIQE Collaborative Innovation Camp at OpTIC in North Wales. We’re inviting qualified individuals across a range of industries to join with like-minded colleagues to explore how we could be creating better business opportunities by working together in Wales. 

We already have some intriguing ideas, but we want to test and develop them in the hands of the people who know best - YOU! We're also open to other ideas and ways that Welsh companies could create more value by collaborating.

Guided and supported by experts, you'll learn to use the latest innovation, exploration and prototyping techniques to test the ideas. Training in these methods can cost hundreds of pounds, but as our thank you for coming, you can take away what you learn and the tools we use, completely free of charge. 

There will be small awards for the best teams on the day, but of course the ultimate prizes are the new partnerships we can build together, with the funding possibilities that good collaborations always invite.

So, if you’d like to:

  • Explore whether we could work together
  • Find other technology and business partners you could work with
  • Just find out more about open innovation

Places are limited - don’t miss your chance to be part of this new way of building business.


Book now!



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